“I cannot stress how much more efficient this process was. SME anticipated so many of our logistical needs ahead of time that they were able to remove most of them before we even walked into the scoring room. There was no bubbling, no counting, no alphabetizing, and no moving of boxes. Things that used to be significant time-drains now are nonexistent. I was able to focus almost completely on scoring the entire time I was there because SME staffers had taken care of so many of our scoring needs already.”

—John E. King
Assessment Coordinator
Leadership Prep: Bed-Stuy


“The customer service support that I received from the SME team has been the best that I have experienced with any organization. The Charter Center has agreed to have [the SME/QAI Team] take over the complete project management of the electronic scoring initiative for the charter schools in the City. The fact that the schools that participated in electronic scoring this past year spoke highly of their interaction with the SME team also made it easy for us to make this decision.


“I can honestly say that SME has proven to be more than a high quality vendor to the Charter Center because in many ways they became an invaluable partner. I believe that hiring SME will be a sound investment for your organization.”

—Aretha Miller
Vice President of School Supports
New York City Charter School Center